What is Enigma2 Transcoder ?

It is web application for transcoding, recompressing, resizing stream from your enigma2 receiver or IPTV link.

Why ?

You can stream your favorite HD TV show to your cell phone over 3G/4G. Stream will be scaled to not use so much bandwidth.

What i need for this web app ?

You need windows or linux computer, IPTV link from where stream or enigma2 (Dreambox, Vu+, Xtrend, mut@nt and many other) based receiver.

How can i watch stream ?

With web application built in HTML5 video player, vlc player, BSPlayer (android)

How does it work ?

Between receiver/IPTV link and device where you want to see stream is computer which serves WEB application  where you can select TV channel for transcoding. This computer transcodes your selected stream.



Some technical info.

Application is build with PHP, ffmpeg, bootstrap and flashhls.