How to Install E2 Transcoder on Raspberry PI2


  1. download image with torrent
  2. Install on SD card this image, there should be a lot of instructions how to do this in insternet. I suspect you need at least 8GB image, not because all software is so big but because i took this image from my 8GB SD card.
  3. If you want a transcode SD channels you need a MPEG2 license. MPEG2 license is necessary  to PI2 could decode in HW mode mpeg2 streams.
  4. run command in pi2 console
    sudo chmod 666 /var/www/admin/db/dbtranscode.db
  5. edit file /var/www/config.php for you needs, E2 receiver IP, username etc…
  6. Open link http://yourpi2ipaddress

!note “Include ECM in http streams” option in receiver should be disabled

Ah, almoust forgot, PI2 linux username and password is

user: pi

password: raspberry